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Sunday Season: Cambodia 2 – Monks & Fishermen

What I remember from my very few days in Cambodia is Angkor Wat and the people of Cambodia and their tragic history, the fishermen in their water villages and the monks in temples and on the streets. Today I can... weiterlesen →


Sunday Season: Cambodia 1 – The Magic of Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is one of the places everyone should visit at least ones in life. That morning I got up really early and left the hostel with our Tuk Tuk driver around 4:30AM (yes, that's right). You want to make... weiterlesen →

Sunday Season: Tibet 5 – The Himalayan Region

One of the things I didn't expect when travelling to Tibet was the stunning, impressive und unbelievable beauty of the Tibetan landscape and especially the Himalayan region. So here are a few shots of my time in the Himalayan region.... weiterlesen →

Sunday Season: Tibet 4 – Monasteries around Tibet

A big part of Tibetan culture are the monasteries all around the countries with its monks and believers praying days, weeks, month. I had some of my best experiences in the Tibetan monasteries, people gave me so many smiles and... weiterlesen →

Sunday Season: Tibet 3 – The Mount Everest Base Camp

Time spend at the Mount Everest Base Camp (5200m) one of the most amazing experiences of my world trip. What started as a vage idea (who just goes to Mount Everest Basecamp?) turned into a plan and a visit -... weiterlesen →

Sunday Season: Tibet 2 – The Potala Palace in Lhasa

The Potala Palace the former residence of the Dalai Lama was one of the main reasons for me to go to Tibet. I knew it from movies and books, especially Seven years in Tibet (by Heinrich Harrer) and for years... weiterlesen →

Sunday Season: Tibet 1 – The beauty of the people

Dear friends and readers, This is the first post of a new format I'd like to introduce on my blog - the Sunday Season. The posts I'm about to blog in that format are from my time travelling around the... weiterlesen →

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