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Best of Travelling – Getting cozy with Komodo Dragons

Hearing about the Komodo dragons for the first time in 2011, I knew I was to visit the creature of the past one day. The Komodo dragon is also know as the last dinosaur and is only found on the... weiterlesen →


Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking – Bali, Indonesia (2:15 Min)

Join me on my Sunrise Trekking Tour. It was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend it to everyone who feels fit enought to climb up a volcano - Best breakfast spot in ages. Begleite mich auf meine Tour... weiterlesen →

3 Minutes Lombok (Indonesia)

Take 2 of my new video project. I'm excited to share my experience of my trip to Lombok with you. Follow me on my roadtrip to explore a waterfall, beaches and what it looks like to be stuck in the... weiterlesen →

Flores (Indonesia)

Having great fun editing those little videos and experiementing on the way. My 4th video is ready for you guys, hope you like it! // Ich habe einen riesen Spaß diese kleinen Videos zu erstellen und währendessen ein wenig zu... weiterlesen →

Cruising around Bali’s South Peninsula

What is it like to cruise around with a scooter on Bali for a day? Join me on a scooter ride that took me to Padang Padang, Bingin and Nyang Nyang Beach. For more videos please visit my... weiterlesen →

Trip to Padar Island & Komodo National Park

An early start again. I get up at 4:30AM for my day trip to Pulau Padar and Komodo Island. I'm soooo excited to finally see the last dinosaurs, the Komodo dragons. The stops for the day are Pulau Padar to... weiterlesen →

The heart of Lombok (Indonesia)

Next stop Gili Air – Did someone say relaxation?

I'll take a shuttle from Ubud to Padang Bai and from there a speed boat to Gili Air (all together IPR 250.000 = ca. 18€). The one thing you do on Gili is water activities (or partying when on Gili... weiterlesen →

Bali I love you [World Trip Part II]

You might remember that I had a pretty tough time in Central America end of November (Wenn sich Pläne ändern…. - currently only in German, sorry!) and that I decided to go home, see my friends and family for christmas,... weiterlesen →

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