Hi all,

img_1459My name is Julia, I’m a traveller by heart and set myself free to go on a journey around the world. I have this urge to see it all, the good places and the places, that make you want to change the world, the places that leave you speechless and the ones that are perfect to relax and reflect. I want to meet people, travel like the locals and understand the culture of the country I’m in.

I believe travelling is one of the most enriching experience you can have while on earth and that it teaches you far more about us humans than anything else.

Also, travelling helps me believe in peoples and their people. The kindness and the open minds of strangers I’ve experienced in the past, left me often times stunned and with goosebumps. It helps me trust in this world.

As I said before, I’m currently on a trip around the world and I’m posting on the go, what I see and do. One of my biggest dreams is to have a photo exhibition of the pictures I take, therefore I take more pictures as I write stories. I try to write in English as much as I feel like doing it but sometimes as it is hard for me write at all, I fall back in writing in my mother tongue – please bare with me, I’ll give my best to translate everything as soon as possible. I’ve started filming a little when I was in Canada and keep on doing it, but I feel my movie making craft is not as good yet, so it might be a few more month before I’ll share them with you.

Now enjoy reading my travel stories and get yourself in my shoes while observing my pictures.

All the best,